EPR Podcast: Alan Ross, Rachel Linke, and George Parada

In this episode of the Electric Power Reliability Podcast, Alan Ross speaks to George Parada, CMRP, CL, Director of engineering services at Constellation Brands, who leads the company's Reliability Governance Team. Co-hosting is Rachel Linke, Reliability Account Coordinator at SDMyers and a coordinator of the Electric Power Reliability Summit.

"This is going to be something new for a lot of people, so we have to take in to consideration the change in communication. We have to be mindful of that." - George Parada

"Culture change… is definitely a process, not an endgame—it is something that continues on and on." - Rachel Linke

"To engineers, everything is a problem to be solved. But if you look at it differently, this isn’t a problem to be solved; it’s an opportunity to be created." - Alan Ross

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